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Covid-19 Vaccine Campaign

To educate communities of color, including immigrant populations on COVID-19 and community resources in order to reduce vaccine hesitancy and increase awareness about available resources and support.

We partnered with state agencies, counties, culturally diverse media, and messengers to address the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 crisis and related economic hardship on communities of color, predominantly Somali, Ethiopian, Oromo, Eritrean, and West African communities.

We employed a team of trusted media and messengers to broadcast public health communications and related services. Through the use of CDC, MDH, and county public health messages, we were able to transform the core information to accommodate a more diversified audience.

Our team utilized social media, television/video, and other culturally specific and appropriate communications and messaging procedures.

We also published adapted culturally and linguistically targeted messages including, information concerning resident access to essential needs, rent assistance, transportation assistance, and free COVID-19 testing.

We also briefed small businesses and nonprofit organizations regarding available COVID-19 relief grants and supplied technical assistance. Accordingly, AG Consultants & Media supported numerous African-led organizations and businesses in qualifying for the Dakota County Home Based Business Relief Grant and Dakota County Nonprofit Relief Grant.

Our team of experts also created a 30-second public service announcement concerning the Dakota County COVID-19 hotline while hosting and organizing several virtual forums with the experts to educate the community about the pandemic

Each post shared on social media achieved more than 20,000 organic impressions with 30,000 people reached.

To date, the forums we established have been viewed by over 40,000 nationwide.

UPDATE: We did another campaign in September 2021. The campaign reached over 60,000 people