Kids with Nose Mask

COVID-19: Protecting Kids From COVID-19 and Keeping Them Safe at School

While many kids ages 12 and older have gotten the vaccine, we are still seeing a lot of people get very sick, and even die, from COVID-19 every day, most of whom are not vaccinated.

Sadly, COVID-19 is still the third leading cause of death in the United States. Also, children are now back to school, and wearing masks is no longer required by law.

Talk to local public health and community health experts about ways to prevent virus transmission and provide practical steps for parents, caregivers, and community partners in order to keep children protected and safe.


  • Vaccine and booster recommendations
  • Vaccination rates
  • Mask requirements
  • Protecting kids at school
  • Mask options and effectiveness
  • Vaccination requirements
  • Information & Resources
  • Testing Covid positive protocol

Developed short videos in English, Somali, and Spanish in partnership and support with Dakota County. Speakers discuss Covid-19 and how it’s affecting our youth and communities.

Watch the videos below

Video in English

Video in Spanish

Video in Somali